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Easily manage sales leads on events

Being an exhibitor on an event or trade fair can be an exhausting experience. Sore feet, a used up voice, and fatigue from speaking with hundreds of visitors takes its toll on you. At the same time you want to reap the commercial benefits from your efforts. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that all correspondence and potential customer engagement is documented well and archived for later follow-up. In this post you can read about how a Danish startup accomplished this using tabsurvey on the trade fair TechBBQ.

What’s TechBBQ?

TechBBQ is hosted in Copenhagen and is a two-day international tech-startup summit by and for the startup community. Every year a dedicated team works tirelessly to link entrepreneurs with the rest of world, providing startup ecosystems with cutting edge insights, business opportunities and networking.


techbbq 2018

In 2018 the summit outgrew itself for the fifth year in a row. Hence, more than 6,000 local and international startups, tech talents, innovative minds, visionary corporates, prominent investors and pioneering speakers participated.

The next generation of content writing

One of the participating startups was JumpStory – a Danish company co-founded by Jonathan Løw and Anders Thiim Harder. JumpStory rethinks digital communication and marketing as they assist small and large organizations in writing blog posts, SEO articles, Newsletter and SoMe posts. According to Jonathan Løw, what makes JumpStory different to many others is that they use artificial intelligence in the process instead of content writers.

jumpstory capture sales leads on trade fair

As an exhibitor on the TechBBQ event, JumpStory wanted to maximize customer engagement and therefore  they approached tabsurvey to make use of its lead-generation tool for trade fairs and events.

How to manage sales leads on events

If you’ve ever been an exhibitor at a trade fair or event, maybe you know the feeling. The traffic and interest for your booth varies. At times it’s really slow and you and your colleagues have a hard time keeping focus. At other times, the booth is over-crowded with visitors who have all sorts of questions or comments, and you don’t really get to engage with everyone. Annoying right?

To solve this problem, tabsurvey delivered a complete solution to help JumpStory manage sales leads on events. The solution included two iPads, two iPad stands, chargers and cables and a digital signup form and survey to engage with visitors and potential new customers.


manage sales leads on events

In addition to the two lead capture stations (stands), JumpStory had two employees, each with a handheld device harvesting leads. With four active channels active throughout the two days, they were able to capture all potential interest at all times.


According the Jonathan Løw, the TechBBQ event was a massive success. Not only did JumpStory engage with hundreds of visitors, they also managed to capture a lot of sales leads. During the two days of the event they managed to get 500+ signups. Of the 500 signups, a staggering 96 percent were positive towards being contacted again after the event. Almost 500 leads isn’t bad for two days work, right?

Do you a trade fair coming up, and want manage sales leads on events? Don’t hesitate to sign up or contact us for more information.

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