On-site Facility Management Survey

Do a site survey with tabsurvey to improve the service quality!

Site survey for improved service quality

Measure satisfaction of facility services with a site survey. It could improve the service quality and your relationship with your customer or vendor.

Strengthen your relationships with a site survey

Whether it’s food services, cleaning, reception, printing, or some other service that your company provides or receives, you can be sure of one thing: Documented results will strengthen your relationship with your customer or vendor.

Image that you knew exactly how your facility services were performing. What impact would that information have on the relationship with your vendor or customer?

We would argue that it would help create a common framework for you and your counterpart. A framework that could help you align your expectations and serve as an enabler for a more honest dialogue.

site survey
facility management survey

Use a facility management survey to document the quality of service

A wide range of companies worldwide use tabsurvey to deploy a facility management survey. The companies either receive or deliver facility services of different nature, including reception services, cleaning services or food services.

First of all, what these companies have in common is that they value their relationships with their suppliers and customers. Furthermore, they care about quality of the service delivered. Finally, they want to have something tangible to talk about when they meet. This is where tabsurvey can really make a difference for you.

Everyone benefits

The great thing about tabsurvey is that it's beneficial for both sides.

If you are company purchasing facility management services externally, then tabsurvey can ensure that you have a robust input regarding the quality of service.

People seem to only remember the most recent experience, and wouldn't it be a shame to let that experience cloud your judgement, whether it's positive or negative?

And you could make the exact same argument for the companies that provide the services.

Reception services

Ensure that your reception meets the clients in a professional and friendly manner.

Food Services

Find out if the cafeteria is fulfilling your quality standards.

Cleaning services

Ensure that employees or customers are satisfied

How are your paid services performing?

Want to learn more? Then you should read our blog for more inspiration, or visit our case section to understand how we help our customers. You may also want to view our 90-second explainer here.

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