Public sector surveys

Use tabsurvey to deploy a local government survey. Understand public satisfaction with your provided products and services in real-time!

Are your users satisfied?

You can find out by using tabsurvey's on-the-spot government survey system

The increasing demands from your users

The products and services that public institutions are responsible for delivering are rapidly evolving.

As the demands and expectations from users are rising, it becomes increasingly important to measure if public institutions are able to meet or even exceed these new challenges. This is why it's so important to perform public sector surveys.

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public sector surveys

Too little data, too late

Today, many municipalities don't survey their users. If they do, the methods they use are quite traditional. They survey via email, web or by interviewing users via telephone.

However, these ways of collecting data face certain problems. For one telephone interviews are quite costly as it involves manual effort. Another problem is the insufficient amount of responses, which can weaken the robustness of the results. The third and final problem is the possible time lag from when you capture the feedback to it reaches the relevant people.

Get instant feedback

By using tabsurvey for your local government survey you can quickly and easily collect instant feedback from your users. tabsurvey kiosk solutions capture responses from your users where they wait or pass by. You can see their feedback instantly in your live reports or even send the feedback automatically to relevant stakeholders. Get answers to question such as:

"How satisfied were you with the wait time today?”
"Were you satisfied with the service you received?"
"How satisfied are you with our self-service solutions?"
"Are you familiar with the municipal services within XYZ?"

You can also seek inspiration here on what great questions to ask.

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Analyse your service levels

"You can't change what you don't measure", as they say. Well, if your municipality wants to focus on user satisfaction, then you need to know your baseline. tabsurvey let's you track, target and analyze your service levels and other important KPIs.

When you start using a local government survey tool like tabsurvey, you are also sending a strong signal your users: You are telling them how you focus on improving their experience.

"Asking questions is great, getting answers even better. Building relationships beats them both"

- tabsurvey

Endless possibilities…

tabsurvey delivers complete survey solutions including iPad stands, software licenses and know-how about on-the-spot surveying.

Our extensive experience with local councils and other local government bodies enables us to find the right solution for you.

You can make use of tabsurvey in many places: One place is the service centre or in the Jobcentre Plus. Another place could be within your technical services. Use it for case evaluation or for your internal employee engagement surveys – the possibilities are many.

ipad survey for local government survey

…and benefits

So are the benefits. Our local government clients tell us that:

  • The response rates are higher
  • They get a here-and-now impression of satisfaction ratings
  • The documentation of service levels provided is more robust
  • They get closer to their users
  • Following up with dissatisfied users has become easier
  • It sends a strong signal to their community

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