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Today's challenge for the physical retailer

Today, any online store with some idea of how to operate in their market space, performs an analysis of their site visitors. Furthermore, as soon as the visitor makes a purchase, they will survey the customer to ask about their shopping experience.

Physical retailers, on the other hand are in a different situation. Few use an instoresurvey to analyze customer behaviour in the store, and even fewer use a customer service questionnaire after a purchase is made.

So in the day-to-day dealings with customers, there's really not much to go on, if the store manager wants to get a sense of how happy the customers are.

Also, if they are so lucky to have an advantage programme in place that is able to shoot an email to the purchasing customer, then they still don't know the opinion of the non-purchasing visitors.

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Listen close, listen often

Imagine that you sitting at the side of person, whos vital signs are weak. Would you send him a survey via mail to enquire about his health, or would you take his pulse?

Obviously, you would take his pulse and that's the same way retailers should feel about their customers. If they fail to do so, they won't know if the customer is a potential ambassador, if they are indifferent or they would actively mention the store negatively online or offline.

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Use a Retail Survey

Research tells us that one in three customers leave a retail store without making a purchase. If this is true, then we're loosing feedback from a valuable customer segment whose input surely could help us improve something in the store. Therefore, we suggest that you use in-store surveys to survey EVERYONE: The ones who made a purchase and the ones who didn't.

tabsurvey's online reports and intuitive platform makes it easy for you to work with your instoresurvey, and - more importantly - take the required action if necessary.

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"Translating learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage"

Jack Welch

Make the in-store customer experience your KPI

Seeing as more and more customers look to do their shopping online, the necessity for an competitive edge seems still more important.

tabsurvey believes that this competitive edge is customer happiness. Consequently, it should be just as vital a piece of information as the day's sales report or customer basket size.

And the thing with measuring stuff is that it gives you the ability to change it. So put your customer service first and start using in-store surveys now!

kpi for in-store surveys

Retail survey focus area inspiration

You may have numerous areas that you want to investigate, ranging for store tidiness, over staff behavior to product range. Below are a few examples on topics for your retail survey.

Wait time

Staff up at the right time!

Customer loyalty (NPS)

Know the likeliness to recommend you.

Marketing campaign

Find out if your campaigns are working.

Store tidiness

Is your store living up to company standards?

Still interested in an instoresurvey?  Then you should read our blog for more inspiration, or visit our case section to understand how we help our customers. You may also want to view our 90-second explainer here.

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