On-Site Customer Feedback

Use our in moment survey system to keep focus on your customers.

On-Site Customer Feedback

Use our in moment survey system to keep focus on your customers.

Key features for on-site customer feedback software

Kiosk Mode

Tired of people fiddling with your surveys? Use Kiosk Mode to lock the current survey to the app. Great usability made simpler.

Easily change surveys

Time to change surveys? Send a new survey to your iPad in seconds. The publish function enables you to update your survey from your desk.

Data stored securely

We keep your data safe in the cloud. tabsurvey uses one of the world's leading hosting partners to ensure that your data is safe.

Simple to use

Just create an account, download our app, and you'll have your first in moment survey up and running in minutes!

No internet required!

Our app works without internet. This makes it ideal in places with bad cellular coverage. The app syncs answers when it's online again.

One Touch feedback

One touch feedback makes the user experience faster and more convenient. Disable next and previous buttons to ensure quick survey completion.
in moment survey

Make your on-site customer feedback convenient to use

Place an in moment survey in convenient places to boost response rates. Place it by the cash register, the changing rooms or in the waiting area to reach your audience.

In moment survey templates

Why reinvent the wheel? Once you sign up you will be able to browse useful customer feedback survey templates in your account - ready to use.
in moment survey templates
victoria's secret customer experience
General Electric customer experience
Best Western customer experience
Proctor & Gamble customer experience
Bosch customer experience
Tesco customer experience

Want to learn more? Then you should read our blog for more inspiration, or visit our case section to understand how we help our customers. You may also want to view our 90-second explainer here.

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