Customer Registration Made Easy

Learn about how MFA Biler uses tabsurvey as a customer registration form in the aftersales market of the automotive industry. Discover how it ensures both an effective use of employee time and reduces the error margin in the registration process.
customer registration

The challenge

Workshop supervisor Mr. Anders Rasmussen was experiencing some problems with recording registration data from the visiting customers in the aftersales department. Getting the correct information about license plate, name and contact details was not always achieved in the first try.

Consequently, the administrative personnel had to manually follow up with customers to validate the data collected. This manual customer registration process was both time consuming and - as manual processes often do – would lead to mistakes.

Anders was in search of a tool that would enable the customers to record their own registration data. The customers should be able to do so seamlessly when they showed up to have their car serviced. Also, it was important that Anders could store the data safely, and that the data could be transferred to a corporate CRM system instantly.

A simple registration form

tabsurvey was able to solve this problem. By setting up the survey tool on iPads in each location, customers were now able to enter their data themselves. While this insured fewer mistakes in the recording process, it also freed up time for the personnel in the aftersales department.

Besides delivering software and know-how regarding the survey setup, tabsurvey also delivered iPad stands to present the survey elegantly and to secure the hardware against theft and vandalism.

registration form
benefits from registration form

Added benefits of using a registration form

3 months after installation, Anders explains: “We have succeeded in collecting our customer data much more effectively. Customer-facing colleagues are saving time and can take on other important tasks."

He continues to say: “We are now receiving vital pieces of information, such as email addresses. That means that we can offer value-adding services to our clients, such as electronic invoicing, newsletters and follow-up.

In conclusion, he adds: “I can warmly recommend tabsurvey to register customer data to my colleagues in the automotive industry”

About MFA Biler: MFA Biler is a Danish car dealership and aftersales services company. The company is operating in five locations on the island of Funen in Denmark, where it serves its customers from all over Denmark.

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