Voice Of The Customer

This global retailer was missing a better understanding of what the visiting customers experienced in the stores. Consequently, they were in search of the unbroken voice of the customer, and a Customer Experience Management tool to ensure that store standards were upheld.

Project facts

500+ solutions installed

The voice of the customer project involved more than 500 tabsurvey kiosk solutions installed. One customer experience management solution included: an iPad; an iPad floor or table stand; and tabsurvey software.

17 countries

The participating countries included: Austria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Germany; France; Hungary; Ireland; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Serbia; Slovenia; Spain; the UK and the US.

Over 4,800,000 responses

The bundle solutions were placed in designated areas within the stores, eg. by the cash register or the dressing room. This allowed the Client to collect more than 4.8M responses from customers in total.

16 months

Because the project time frame was 16 months, this allowed the stores to be able to compare data over time. As a result they were able to take into consideration the seasonal variations.

What tabsurvey delivered

For the customer experience management solution, tabsurvey delivered the hardware, software and services for the project:

The hardware included an iPad floor stand with a secure iPad case. The accessories included a cover plate for the home button and also a sheet holder for communicating with customers.

The software included the tabsurvey iPad app and a reporting website. The reporting website ensured that each store manager and area manager would be able to access responses in real-time.

Services covered roll-out support, hardware and software support as well as special reporting needs.

What the Client delived

On the other side, the Client was responsible for buying iPads and rolling out the tabsurvey app through their own app store. Furthermore, the Client took care of internet connectivity in the stores and the in-store installation and related logistics.

voice of the customer
key in customer experience management

Discovering what is key

The basic idea was to measure the same key metrics over longer periods of time. Hence, the Client built a baseline customer experience management survey including the following key areas:

  • Staff friendliness and helpfulness
  • Store cleanliness and tidiness
  • Customer’s primary reason not to purchase
  • Satisfaction with wait time and service at cash desk
  • Likeliness to recommend store to others

The online reports captured all the feedback in real-time, and leveraged the metrics to key stakeholders in the organization. Consequently, this insight would allow them to translate the data into specific actions. The stakeholders included store managers, area managers, country managers and colleagues within business operations and HR.

Project conclusions

After 16 months of collecting data, the Client had learned a number of important things about their customers. In conclusion, the voice of the customer project identified three major findings.
Customer recommendation (Net Promoter Score) on an overall level increased from 2 to 51.
The percentage of customers who wanted to recommend the company rose from 41% to 66%.
The most powerful driver for increasing customer loyalty was the waiting time for the cash desk.

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