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Are you asking your questions the right place?

Where is it the least intrusive to ask your questions?

Get the right answer from the right customer at the right time!

You might be running survey or recently decided to do so – maybe even with our system. Which is great! Do you wonder how you can receive quality answers and a lot of them?

”Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Anthony Robbins

While asking the right question is the beginning to all great insights, asking them at the right time and place is also crucial. This is probably a larger truth with a stationary system like Tabsurvey that has no human administration. Today’s blog look at the customer journey and help you blueprint when and where to ask your questions. Continue reading →

Better business insights through great survey system

Hello all,
Welcome to our new blog on Business questions – questions that are worth asking in your business.

‘Why would i need to ask questions’? you might ask. The simple answer is that it can improve your relationship with your stakeholders. Stakeholders who you are dependent on to be successful. In any working relationship a good mutual understanding is beneficial, some would say it’s required, if the relationship is to last. Especially in current times where customers are empowered with social media and employee mobility have never been higher. The fields of Branding and Marketing are also more focused on including customers in the dialogue of positioning and value creation. This is probably even more important as industries move more and more into ‘business as a service’.

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