Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

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Real-time customer experience monitoring

Use our tool to keep track of the single most important thing for your business


Are you worried about your customers' happiness? Rather than hoping for the best, engage in dialogue! Find out what the customer experience is like in your store and if your customers are willing to recommend you to others.


Follow your customers' satisfaction from day-to-day with our online reports and download the results to work in-depth for cause and effect. Our intuitive system is built around both to give you the most effective survey tool.


tabsurvey makes action even easier with notification triggers, while our dashboards can help target, track and reach important KPIs. As a result our survey software can provide data that facilitates concrete measures and real change.

"You Can't Change What You Don't Measure"

Increase customer satisfaction

Use our customer experience management tool to measure service levels and strive for improvement to retain and attract new customers and consequently turn a higher profit.

Many of our customers use Net Promoter Score (NPS) or satisfaction ratings to perform customer research. Maybe you could nudge customers towards improved consumer purchase intentions if you had better data on your customers’ thoughts and needs? Listen and improve customer satisfaction.

Instant feedback

tabsurvey thinks of feedback like fresh produce. The longer it's underway the more it looses it's value and potency. We believe in giving you a direct line of communication: The voice of the customer – unbroken, so you can respond to needs instantly while the service experience is fresh in mind.

This will in turn give you a chance to rise to superior service and improve your competitive advantage. Stay attentive to the responses with instant customer feedback. Do you settle stale milk - probably not, then why would you settle for stale feedback?

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Designed for the iPad

tabsurvey didn't start up with a link or HTML service and then decided to also go for tablets. Our software was designed for the iPad from the very beginning which our intuitive platform is a testament to.

Features for every need

Whether you are a small business owner who is curious about your customer experience or you work in a multi-outlet chain, we're pretty sure we can match your requirements.

Survey templates

More than 10 years in the survey business has taught us a thing or two about questionnaires. Therefore, we are pretty certain that whatever problem you want to address we have a template to solve it.

Amazingly simple to use

With tabsurvey there's no need to call your IT-department. Because of the way we designed this tool, you'll be up and running in minutes!

Dedicated email support

If you have questions or need help trouble shooting an issue then rest assured that our support team is ready to help you.

Data stored in the cloud

We know that data security is important to you. Therefore, we are using one of the world's leading hosting partners to make sure your data is safe.

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